Welcome to Curated Trades

We help the small investor build wealth with a tiny account by utilizing a method that outperforms a savings account, 401k, and an IRA.


Here is how our system works. We look for stocks and ETFs with good fundamentals and high volume both in the stock and in the options. We preferably want that same stock to offer a dividend, but it is not required. We then wait for a situation when it is optimal to sell premium either by selling a put option or selling a vertical option spread.


If we are wrong, we look to manage the trade by rolling the contract that we sold to a further out expiration, rolling the contract down to a lower strike or doing both giving us more time to be right on a trade. If the situation is right right while when are in the trade, we sometimes do nothing and wait for the contract to be exercised. This means we own 100 shares for every 1 contract we have. This is where it gets exciting and where you can create a monthly income for yourself. 

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